Thursday, May 28, 2009

"<>" equals "and/also"

Here is an interview Pat did with his friend Steven this spring, when we stayed with him and his wife Suzy in San Francisco. They were very gracious hosts and super enthusiastic, dancing concert attenders.

This is in honor of them coming to visit NYC this weekend!

Steven's "proffy bio"--
Steven C. Aldridge has finished course requirements on a PhD in Visual Studies from UC-Irvine. He earned a Masters in Film & Media from the U of Amsterdam late, last millennium with a thesis on aural-art/cinema.

Pretty great late-night conversation about music, powers, the condition, and life.

The concept of "and/also" or "<>" gets mentioned.
<> being an alternative to "either/or".


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  2. we love these are powers... we have pat all over out videos! lmao!