Friday, April 17, 2009

Bodies of Pyongyang

Wanted to let you know that this Sunday, April 19th,
that I will be a part of artist Yoonhye Park's "Bodies of Pyongyang"
performance piece at St. Mark's Church.

2:30-5 PM
Abe Lebewohl Park / St. Mark’s Church, take the 6 to Astor Place or the L to 3rd Avenue

"At key pedestrian traffic sites Bodies of Pyongyang will seek to stimulate dialogue and discussion with the public, inciting awareness about the prevailing and ongoing issues of women’s rights in North Korea to the international and multicultural communities of Manhattan.

Most people know who Kim Jong-il is, the dictator of North Korea; however, women in North Korea are hidden and veiled in contemporary context. Bodies of Pyongyang is a public visual art performance installation--twenty girls wear North Korean schoolgirl uniforms situated inside a (70"x70"x70") clear cube box installation, located at multiple outdoor venues across Manhattan.

These tightly packed schoolgirls will try to move within the confined area expressing their emotional pain and struggle. Red strings symbolizing their dual inner states of suppression and resistance entangle the girls, further restricting their freedom to move inside this already constricting and hermetic space. "

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