Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yo, we done!

My voice is gone, my feet are tired and dirty, we all have varying degrees of sunburn, our ears are ringing and Austin is one overflowing festival porta potty filled with stumbling drunks, ladies teetering on too small heels while pulling down too small dresses, dazed club employees, spent journalists, homeboys spinning rims and flashing neon under the highway in an impromptu Saturday night car show and tumbleweeds of fast food paper plates.

Didn't make it to Barton Springs or the bat cave..again. Saw plenty of Whole Foods salad bar, friends, and some amazing acts.

Kudos to the kid that drew marker boobies on his t-shirt with "SPRING BREAK" written under them. Lots of ladies were touching his chest at Todd P's party at Ms. Bea's. Everyone likes boobs!

We uh, also apparently did a good job too--
"I resisted the desire to self-mutilate during These Are Powers' set at the Biz3 showcase, but it was hard."

Got a long drive ahead of us, so lots more updating in the van, since I can only make croaking noises and bad pantomimes at the moment.

Also! Our friend Yony Leyser made a video for our song "Blue Healer"!

It is fantastic and I think means we are like exotic but domesticated animals who like to feast on fresh vegetables and raw meat.

And! I recently wrote 500 words about eggs and adventures across the pond for Impose Magazine. Look out, M.F.K.!

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  1. Well I gave in to temptation and read that blurb on Pitchfork. It's amazing how even when Amy Phillips is paying a band a compliment, she still manages to be obnoxious. With her comments in mind, it's interesting to note that according to the reviews, All Aboard Future is actually inferior to Terrific Seasons. Ironically, I do use Pitchfork as a resource for finding out about bands. If a band rates in the 6 to 7 range, they are probably talented and worth of my attention. Any higher than that usually means the band is a. pretentious and soulless hipster bilge or b. shamelessly derivative and overhyped.