Thursday, March 12, 2009

toe jam

I dropped Pat's amp on my toe in Portland at Backspace and it got swollen and turned into a grape like Violet Beauregarde.

You thought I was gangsta before, but now I have the limp to prove it.

Backspace was rad and we ate so well. The whole staff was super ace friendly and cracked me up with their dancing to Lauren Hill while closing up at the end of the night.

Pat's friends Nancy and Dave left the door open to their house for us, and we found lots of sweet little hand written notes, Guinness, cupcakes and clean sheets, kind of like an Easter egg hunt.

Traveling through the wet cold Northwest can wear you down, and these little gestures restore you, as do shows where kids dance.

Santa Cruz'n right now. It is so good to be in California. Played Crepe Place last night, where we again ate like kings, everyone was incredibly sweet and the show was truly ALL AGES. In fact, lots of kids had to leave early because it was a school night. I like how in California, parents wear jams and hoodies and look like they just stepped off a skateboard themselves.

I bought everyone smoky quartz at the new age store down the street for positive energy restoration. The occult bookstore was closed. Apparently witches sleep early in this town, or as our friend Rod said, maybe they weren't up yet?

We slept on the floor of an old Victorian house painted orange and hit the beach in the morning. I drank some of the ocean, it was, if you can believe it, salty.

So many drifters lurking here too!

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