Monday, March 9, 2009

What I ate there

Pat’s friend and drummer Ron from Liars always said tour is where you go to get fat


Triple Rock’s mock duck spinach salad with beans and rice

Whisky hot toddy with lots of honey

Chamomile tea and granola with almond milk

Danimal’s homemade chocolate chip cookie, and

breakfast tacos with corn tortillas, poached eggs, soysage, beans, avocado and cilantro


Truck stop cherry donut with whole jellied cherries on top

Almond crackers and a carrot

Heidi’s grandmother’s recipe Angel Food birthday cake

Newcastle beer

Tomato flavored tuna, almond crackers

Curried tofu from Open Harvest co-op, more crackers, salad greens

Excellent soy cappuccino with cinnamon from Meadowlark


Brown rice and fish with black bean sauce from Thai Basil (not real Thai, but good)

Glass of some kind of Australian Sauvignon Blanc

Can of Dale’s Pale Ale

Sound guy drank all my Makers Mark


Nic’s amazing breakfast of eggs with peppers and tomatoes, toast, fresh coffee and juice

Bean and queso fresco taco with lots of avocado salsa and hot sauce from somewhere awesome

(forgot, but it was painted bright orange inside)

Family style BBQ at Nic’s with organic feta and roasted pepper chicken sausage, veggie kebabs,

salad and beans and rice

Can of something awesome beer (maybe by the same people as Dale’s)

Orange juice, scrambled egg with Swiss and fresh biscuit at Dot’s Diner


Lame medium Americano from Starbucks

Instant bulk bin refried beans from Open Harvest, French Onion Sun Chips (terrible gas)

Grape juice

Gas station chicken and cheese sandwich (2 for $3!), potato chips, pineapple orange juice


Chipotle tomato soup and salad bar from Good Food Store

Dane’s homemade vegetable soup and tortillas

Flathead Lake micro brewed stout beer

Yogi Chai Redbush tea

Granola with almond milk and Washington grown gala apple

Traditional Medicinals Organic Echinacea Elder tea


Granola with almond milk and apple

Dried bulk split pea and lentil soup and crackers

Vera Project catering for dinner—

two kinds of veggie deli slices with cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots,

tortilla chips and salsa

More dried soup and tea for late night snack

Lisa’s homemade breakfast goat cheese and asparagus frittata

Toaster waffles with fresh berries and syrup

Orange juice

Chocolate and orange natural flavored coffee

Cumin flavored cheese sample from farmers’ market

Peach raw honey straw

Homemade kombucha tea

Clam chowder from Pike Place Market

Lisa and Travis bought everyone Alaskan wild salmon quesadillas,

fried clams and french fries to share!

More complimentary coffee

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